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Pet insurance protects you from large, unexpected vet bills. If you are the type of owner who does not want to choose between going into debt or putting your pet down, pet insurance is for you.

All pet insurance is not the same. Some insurance plans cover accidents to your pet, but not illnesses. A low price is no bargain if your insurance company denies your pet's claim.

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Pets Best Insurance - 70% to 100% reimbursement.

Pet insurance plans for dogs and cats from Pets Best Insurance provides a high reimbursement percentage READ FULL REVIEW HERE

24 Pet Watch Insurance

They rarely pay the full 80% because their "usual and customary expenses" are pretty conservative. READ FULL REVIEW HERE

Trupanion Insurance

Trupanion insures dogs and cats between 8 weeks and 14 years. Recently changed terms so that policies have no payout limits. READ FULL REVIEW HERE

PurinaCare Insurance

Currently doing business in every state and DC and also throughout Canada, PurinaCare offers 3 types of coverage. READ FULL REVIEW HERE

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