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Review: 8/10 - PetFirst recently started selling insurance throughout Canada

I purchased pet insurance from PetFirst Healthcare in May 2011 for my 2 mixed breed dogs. A boy and girl ages 1 yr and 3 yrs old. Through PetFirst I purchased 'accident only' insurance, paying about $32 per month for both dogs. I decided to get accidental insurance only because both of my dogs are young and in great health. I take them annually to a low-cost vet for their vaccinations, so I didn't see the point in buying the more expensive plans.

Let me just say I'm beyond happy and patting myself on the back that I was smart enough to purchase accidental insurance. On christmas morning (2011) while I was out of town and my 2 dogs were boarded in the kennel, they got into a bad dog fight. My girl dog got messed up really bad. She needed to have emergency surgery to repair the deep wounds all over her body. My boy dog was injured also, but nowhere near as bad as my girl. To make a long story short, I had to pay $2900 in vet and hospitalization fees for my 2 dogs! The costs hurt a lot, but My dogs are my kids and I could never put a price on their care.

I submitted my claim to PetFirst on Jan 9... About a week later I received an email from Petfirst saying that some medical records were missing. I had my vet fax them over immediately to Petfirst. On Jan 28 I received a reimbursement check for over $2800! I was beyond ecstatic. Not only were both of my dogs healing perfectly, but our insurance company came through in a big way and reimbursed me for 100% of the costs

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