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What are the top 5 insurance plans for cats?

There are so many pet insurance companies out there but it’s a challenge to find the right one for your pet’s needs. Cats are often one of the hardest pets to find decent insurance for because of the level of risks they are exposed to. Some cats are indoor cats, and some live outside, and it’s definitely in the interest of pet insurance companies to assess these risks. Hopefully this list of the top 5 pet insurances plans for cats can help you find the right one for you.

Pet Plan - Although Pet Plan’s policies start at $14.31, they don’t have as much value for money as Pets Best. The customer support of Pet Plan isn’t as great, and to get good coverage you can expect to pay over $30 every month.

Pets Best - Pets Best is arguably one of the best pet insurance companies out there. They offer complete coverage for illness and accidents, and provide fast claim processing. Their policies start at $16 a month and are highly worth it for their coverage and customer support. Pets Best offers a $200 deductible and covers accidents to 80%.

VPI - VPI’s policies start at $20 a month which only covers accidents and illnesses. However policies that cover hereditary issues start at $25 a month. They offer $50 deductible as well as additional cancer protection.

Pet Care Insurance - Pet Care Insurance starts at $20 a month and offers $50-75 deductible. They also have an accidental death benefit, as well as double illness coverage availability.

In order to make a well-informed decision, you’ll have to read the fine print of these plans, do your research, and talk to your local veterinarian. The top five plans listed above are each great options but have small differences in the coverage and price. The pet insurance that will be best for you and your pet will depend on your financial situation and the type of coverage your cat will need. Hopefully this guide will help you to make the right decision. Your cat will thank you!

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