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Pets Best Insurance Review

Review: 9/10 - Pros: Accident Only Option & 80/20 Structure - Cons: Too Costly?

As a veterinarian, I am often asked to pick an insurance company to recommend. I liked the 80%/20% structure, the accident only option, and the fact that the person who designed the insurance had a lot of previous experience starting VPI. I took a policy out on my own very young border collie for several reasons. I wanted to see how fast they processed claims and I wanted to find out if I would be a satisfied customer.

This dog came from a shelter with a mass on the top of the head. It was removed at the time of her spay, submitted for histopathology, and found to be benign. We also were told we got clean margines (meaning - no tumor extended below the surgical site - we got it all). I took out the policy. Then, 3 months later, TWO tumors developed at the same site.

I was very curious to see if they would pay on this. I submitted the bill, and they paid the 80% (we did document the first surgery results - that a clean margin had been obtained etc.) So - I do like Pets Best. The accident only policy is very affordable for many clients and covers many devastating events. I advise a more complete plan, but even the accident only will give most clients peace of mind.

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